Life on the planet is tough, but God’s Word works!

  • Ever find yourself ‘worried sick’ about your family, your future, or even your life? Maybe you just have ‘concern’ over everything! Come get well!
  • Long for significant God-centered relationships that will help you grow in your faith and will encourage others in theirs? Wondering how to build these? Come find out!
  • Want to be ‘that’ woman who does life well? Come see how!

We’re praying that you’ll join us on October 15 in Wheaton, IL for the Savvy Conference. Come and invite your friends to a day where we’ll learn practical truths for real life from the most reliable and practical source of all . . . God’s Word!

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Pam Gillaspie and Jan Silvious

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“I know these two women well – Jan has been an intimate friend since the founding of Precept Ministries International over 40 years ago. PMI publishes Pam’s (and Jan’s) studies. I’ve taught with both of them. They are women of the Word who are in touch with the culture – biblically and practically ‘Savvy’. You don’t want to miss this conference!”
— Kay Arthur