Ladies! Clear your calendars and call your friends! Spend October 27th with Jan Silvious, Pam Gillaspie, Lina Abujamra, Mandi Cornett and your girl friends at the Savvy Conference! Sure, you can fly solo . . . but why? Life is better together and when you come as a group you'll also grab the special group discount rate. We'll be spending the day digging into God's Word together because it works! Get ready to engage in practical study, lively discussion, and change-your-life application of God's Word!

So what makes a group and what makes a group leader? Pretty simple stuff. A group is ten people who sign up together and get the best full-day rates. The group leader is the one who sets up the page and invites her friends! Why not you?! Don't worry, everyone signs in and pays on their own—there is no footing the bill up front and "collecting" later. (Yup. Some of you have been there done that, right? Not this time!) 

Not sure who your "squad" should be? We're praying you'll think broadly and invite lavishly!

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Register Today    •     Invite Your Friends    •     Share the Info    •     Tell Pam You're Coming and How She Can Be Praying for You!



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Women today are busy! You know it. We know it. This busyness often causes a disconnect between God and others. 

We've designed the Savvy Conference with a two-fold purpose:
• to help women connect more deeply with God through His Word as they apply it practically in their lives, and
• to help women encourage one another in the faith.

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