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Thanks for your interest in Savvy Living and the Savvy Conference!

We hope this short 3-part study will help you catch a vision to both learn and live biblical wisdom and give you a taste of practical truths we’ll be exploring together on October 15!

1. The Savvy Woman Fears God and God Alone

Lessons from Proverbs 1

2. The Savvy Woman Doesn’t Let Worry Win

Lessons from Matthew 5-7

3. The Savvy Woman Walks with the Wise

Lessons from Proverbs 13

You’re welcome to make copies of this PDF and to forward it along to friends. The Savvy Conference will be broken into two stand-alone sessions that focus on savvy living.

In the morning, we’ll learn from Jesus how to live a worry-free life. Savvy women don’t fritter their lives away making themselves sick worrying about things they cannot control. They learn to trust the God who is sovereign over all! 

In the afternoon we’ll focus on biblical mentoring. We’re not talking programs here, but organic relationships where we live and share lives of wisdom. We hope you’ll bring your young and your old and we pray that many will catch the vision for how we are better together. 

We hope to see you there!